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This kind of wellheads are basically the standard configuration that a normal one, but  they has a special features that allows to deal with hot steam injected into the well reservoir. When in many oil fields the oil is to heavy to reach the surface for extraction, and pumping, or to be self expelled with normal pressure due to high viscosity, that makes difficult circulate into the tubes; the use of wellheads steam injection is justified. Generally they has on top a connection adequate to be attached to steam lines, when there are oil fields with installations built for that purpose in near proximity, or in other cases we are talking of package boilers with enough thermal efficiency to steam a reservoir 3,000 ft. downhole. Generally all the steam injection wellheads are designed to work in temperatures of 650 deg. F. and in working pressures 2,000 PSI up to 5,000 PSI which basically correspond with the depth of the tubing string.

The image of the left corresponds to a wellhead steam injection for reservoirs with heavy crude downhole and where is no need to expect an expansion of the tubes due to other arrangements made into the downhole; that allows no concern about. The top connection adapter allows the quick attachment to the package boiler when required.  Steam Wellhead of the right is a very easy hook-up generally shallow wells 2,000 ft. where the pumping or gaslift device is removed from one or more of the existing wellheads, and transformed to a steam injection wellhead, then  the extraction is accomplished by other pumping wellheads  attached to same reservoir.Notice that the top of the steam valve vertical has a bull plug and generally it can be used for permanent threaded connection to a steam plant installed to serve a large quantity of wellhead or a package boiler on a trailer.

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Next images are special ones and the principal characteristic is: that they has a casing string very elongated that allows the expansion of it upwards. Typically this assemblies are used in Indonesia, and other locations here in the heavy crude belt of Venezuela.

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The assembly on left side is a Steam Injection, and Production Wellhead , notice the length of the casing string over 50" up, the tubing bonnet, the seals system are specials for 650 deg F and has a mechanism to reenergize them in the   field, in case of pressure losses, giving an additional safety  to the wellhead. Valves are also special for Steam Service "S" and are easy to be recognized due to the elongated bonnet.






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