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By definition literally is the union of one, or more sections in which each one of them is responsible for the suspension of a single tube string, controlling at the same time the pressure of the well.

Typically the image of the left is a three sections completion, widely used in shallow wells; and the image of the right is a classical pumping well completion(typically used when oil can't come out by itself, due low, or inexisting pressure into the reservoir) where there is only one section and the tubing bonnet above has a pin connection thread,as well as the inner suspension box thread, for the tubing string (2-3/8" OD.EUE8RD up to 4-1/2" OD. EUE8RD, others may use API Standard thd.) . Upper pin thread preparation allows to be connected to the Stuffing BOX (Rattigan so called), and sealing the above annulus space for the sucking rod; then imagine the typical device widely used to move that sucking rod up and down, driving the pump attached to the tubing string; in that way the oil is carried out from the reservoir.

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Please take a look at the drawing of the left hand; is easy to identify as a single completion equipment, if you take a quick sight to the Christmas tree (Section "C") there is only one handwheel in each valve, so inside has to be only, a tube string suspended.

This assemblies are widely used , and are typically from : 2,000 PSI up to 5,000 PSI, tree sections (A,B,C). Also where used, the conditions of the well reservoir are: only oil, or a mix of oil and gas, and a mix also with sands.

Service requirement for this hook-ups, are typically PSL-1 / PR-0, or PR-1; rare but some times happens the presence of H2S in the well, makes mandatory a Christmas tree section of SS with controlled harness materials.

Some tubes programs very popular are:

7" OD. Casing x 2-3/8" OD. Tubing (Generally used for pumping assy')

7" OD. Casing x 2-7/8" OD. Tubing (Generally used for pumping assy')

7" OD. Casing x 3-1/2" OD. Tubing (Generally used for pumping assy')

10-3/4" OD. Casing x 7" OD. Tubing x 3-1/2" OD Tubing

10-3/4" OD. Casing x 7" OD. Tubing x 4-1/2" OD Tubing

13-3/8" OD. Casing x 9-5/8" OD. Casing x 7" OD Casing x 3-1/2" OD Tubing

This are generally some of the many kinds of mix on tubes programs, and of course, there are many that this web page will bore you , so lets make the explanation short.

In the next links you will have the opportunity to see more about sections, and it's components.


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