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This kind of seal grooves are special, are dovetail type, and the reason for that is avoid the seal (O-Ring) from coming out of the groove; they are special and the way to be manufactured too.

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Observe the special groove shape, and the bottom radius, as well as the metallic retainers lips that makes possible keep the O-Ring secured in the groove shape.

This lips magnified looks like small radius and they are also critical for a good seal to work, because they can ruin the O-Ring performance by marking to much the O-Ring surface, causing leakage, so the angles and radius are CRITICAL don't forget it.



By using an appropriate design software the task can be more easy ,and following the rubber's manufacturer advice the design can be accomplished without any inconvenient.

This seals are widely used in : Test Plugs, Conductor Seals, Bowl Adapters, Cup Testers, and machinery in general .


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